Would we still have restaurants?

Would we still have restaurants?

Star Trek shows us a vision of a near perfect future. Humanity has united itself. Diseases are almost completely gone. And technology has made our daily tasks a helluvalot easier. When you are going somewhere, take the transporter. Wanna know what’s wrong with something, point a device at it and you’ve got your answer. Do you need something, you just freaking replicate it. And they have got the holodeck which is the fucking summum of gaming technology. I so see Microsoft building this in a few years. More awesome than that it’s not going to get.

Play with my lightsaber!

Wanna play with my lightsaber?

But stuff like this keeps me wondering. In the series you still see people going to restaurants, socialising and well… living like we do. But would we really? I mean why pay for the services of restaurants when you can replicate your own four star, six course dinner. That would be stupid, right? And, yes I know humans generally are stupid but when credits are the matter of issue humans can be damned predictable. And if this goes for restaurants doesn’t it also for bars and generally anything where you can consume? I think so…

What the replicator does for food and items, does the holodeck for pretty much for everything else. Wanna watch a movie? Hell, why not be in it? Want to play sports, run the World Series. Need a shrink, talk to Sigmund Freud. Want to play reallife Halo (and the fucking thing better be able to do this), go play reallife Halo. Want some poonane, load up Sex Vixxens from Betazoid Nine, part 765. Not even the sky is the limit…

This probably means the end of human civilization as we know it, but I don’t care. I’ve got every-fucking-thing I need. Why bother? With these technologies I’ll say, fuck the rest of the universe! You guys are boring. I’ll stay home, replicate me some more pizza and then I am gonna kick Darth Vaders ass, again. Because I am a lean mean Jedi fighting machine and Amidala has got the hots for me. Feel my Force, baby!!

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