Movie review: Terminator: Salvation

Movie review: Terminator: Salvation

Is there hope?
The first Terminator still is a very good movie. Its gritty story about the murdermachine send back in time to kill some chick so she wouldn’t give birth to the leader of the Future resistance was just awesome. Next was Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It was bigger, better and futured the even more awesome T-1000. Then we got Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and we decided never to talk about that movie ever again for it was a decrepit piece of shit even if it had Kristanna Lokens naked ass.

Kirstanna Lokens ass

Kristana Lokens ass, the only redeeming factor...

But lo and behold, a fourth sequel was in the making, set after Judgement Day and it starred Christian Bale. There was no way this could not become an incredible bad ass movie. Fancy Batman fucking up terminators, that’s just a wet dream come true! At least, that was what I thought at the time. Now I am for certain that God is dead, Hollywood can’t be trusted and that McG is an ass.

The Story
As the movie unfolds we get to see Connor, being not so the leader of the resistance as we were promised, struggling in his fight against Skynet. He has got difficulties with his superiors who think he’s full of shit. Enter a mysteryguest named Marcus who awakens from a coma, induced pre Judgement Day, who goes looking for Connor and a very young Kyle Reese (Connors dad before he knocked Sarah up in the past) who just happens to get himself involved in all kinds of nasty shit that ask for a rescue. Add to this a few Terminators of various sizes and you’ve got yourself a movie.

The Bullshit
We all know Connor is the main man, but in T:S he is simply outclassed by Marcus who just has bigger balls than Connor. Not much you can do about that (except changing the script off course). And that’s just it. Connor is not very interesting. He’s just there, does his thing and that’s it. While Marcus has mystery, romance, motivation, a hot chick and all that shit. It seems to me that when you are focusing two (yes, two) earlier movies on Connor as an inspirational and ballsy master of metal mashing destruction, you should stick with that. I guess they wavered a bit on that point. Sadly enough that’s not everything mediocre about this movie. For instance the world did not even compare to the hellhole we’ve seen in the flashforwards in previous movies. I expected to see a ground layered with human skulls, but nooo… It was more I am Legend with killerdroids. And there were just too many plotholes (read on for spoilers concerning these).

Spoiler: First of all, tell me why for fucksake is there only one lousy terminator waiting for Connor? He’s the guy that ripped up more than his fair share, stands in the fucking middle of a Cyberdyne factory and they send only one! Second; a freaking heart transplant in the middle of the desert by his wife without necessary equipement like, you know, a bloodpump and a sterile environment for starters. They should have let him die and stuck with Marcus. And what’s up with that Transformer? Not cool, they’ve got their own movie!


The action was entertaining, the story was weak and the characters were underdeveloped. Watch it once, perhaps a second time when drunk after which you’ll probably end up softly crying in a fetal position, and then forget about it.

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