Praise the Atom

Praise the Atom

I just read that Israel is a nuclear power. Funny. Perhaps I should have know that but I didn’t. It quite frankly amazes me. Though I am not of religion and I am fairly certain God is a man made fairytale, even I think this is blasphemous.

Behold Israel. The Promised land, the Holy land. The land of Gods people. Yet, how little faith they must have if they think an omnipotent being just doesn’t cut it anymore. This is sad in many ways. To think there are people with faith over there who can justify the stockpiling of just about the only weapon capable of undoing their creators work in less time than it took Him to make it. How’s that for logic inconsistency? (Not that religions possess logic but this really takes the cake.) Isn’t this going straight against things like turn the other cheek? Treat your fellow human being like you would be treated yourself?

This really makes me doubt the sincerity of their convictions and I thinks mocks everything their faith stands for. Right? Well, I could be wrong off course. I do realize the 10 commandments only state ‘thou shalt not kill’ and not ‘though shalt not make heaps of shit-scary-super-bombs just for the sake of it’. But to be honest, they can go f*ck themselves with all their ‘rights’ and ‘believes’. It is just a sad bunch of hypocrites over-hyping a piece of soil. How on earth can dirt be of more value than a human life?

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