Movie review: JCVD

Movie review: JCVD

Jean-Claude van Damme, the muscles from Brussels, definately had his ups and downs. And probably a helluvalot more downs than ups. His repertoire is perhaps a fraction better than that of his peers Seagall or Norris. Van Dammes better films like Hard Target, Timecop and the first Bloodsport definitely had novelty value and I still like Wrong Bet. But the last few years he pretty much made utter crap. And besides that, his private life went to shit because of his drug and alcohol abuse. His wife dumped him and took his son because she was a winy bitch wou couldn’t take a roundhouse to the temple, etc… Yes, the man has fallen and fallen hard.

I had allready seen Untill Dead and was pleasantly surpised by a movie that carried a story and, remarkably, had a main character with more depth than a steamrolled dick. I never would have guessed that he would act in any other decent movie again. Then I saw JCVD and it fucking blew me away. The first time I heard of it got me thinking: Van Damme in a movie called JCVD, set in Brussels, sproken in French and not an action flick. Well, that’s something new coming from him. Could be interesting. Now I have seen it I can say this probably is his magnum opus. No way he’s gonna top this one… ever. When you combine all the quality from the films of Seagall, Norris and Van Damme it withers in the fucking shadow of JCVD. And yes, that’s really saying something.

JCVD is an honest movie about a worn down, b-star acteur who gets entangled in a bankrobbery and does some harsh selfreflecting on his life. Some facts are changed for the sake of the movie (or te law) but they still correspond to Van Dammes life. And his six minute monolog, three quarters in the movie, makes you feel for him. Not because he is a sad fucker with a shitty life, but because he knows he is a sad fucker with a shitty life.

I respect Van Damme for doing this film. I have seen that he is an able actor when given the right materials (and language)! I just hope he’s not gonna crap on it by doing another Universal Soldiers. Oh, wait… he is.

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