Not so long ago I created my own Twitter account to see what the fuss was all about. At first it was kinda fun being new and shit like that but after a while I started to realize something. There is a reason the brain filters the stimula you receive. There is only so much information you need and can handle before you experience a buffer underrun. Mother nature was smart enough to create this wonderfull mechanism that does this for us. Humanity is stupid enough to create something called Twitter to bypass this.

Off course I see a usefull functionality when used economically, but not socially. I don’t give a hoot that you are sitting in the train. Or that your cat is annoying (that’s what cats are supposed to be). This is information that is so not important. I also don’t understand the urge to microblog all that personal crap. I did it maybe ten times and got fed up with it. What do I care that you know what I am doing. Does it benefit me? Not really. Actually, I just wasted a few precious seconds of my life that I’ll never get back.

I also saw several members following thousands of people. What the fuck is up with that. Either you are not healthy or you are some info leeching supermutant. The latter being definately wicked I think following so much people means you have no life whatsoever. Is it even humanly possible to read all those Tweets?

Yeah, but what if an airplane crashes next to you and you are the only one there. You can be the first to let the world know what happened!

Maybe, but I’d think you are an ass because you also could have called the emergency services or perhaps, just a wild guess here, start pulling people from the wreckage! And it’s not like it would never reach the news without you. But who I am to judge your claim to faim (…asshole). I can’t think off anything important enough to justify reading hundreds of meaningless Tweets. And if you really want to tell something important, there is a big freaking chance 140 characters are not enough.

Twitter is a good concept that gets undermined by its own community. Oh, and it looks butt ugly…

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